Godfucking and Wardreams

by Whip



Here's Godfucking And Wardreams. What's it like?

Well, it's shit kickin', gun totin', priest hangin', gob smackin', door bustin', pussy pullin', tree worryin', hell firin', geetar shreddin', pie flingin', daisy cuttin', acid rainin', train wreckin', leg breakin', sheep shaggin', baby eatin', angel rapin', bullet chewin', pig chokin', trouser wettin', barn stormin', wall topplin', ship sinkin', war wagin', road ragin', death cheatin', lion tamin', flame throwin', mutha fuckin', Blackened Thrash Metal.

What's more, it's God baitin', beer swillin', jaw crunchin', drum blastin', grin inducin', head bangin', law floutin', neck crickin', tit tweakin', knuckle crackin', night marin', machine gunnin', dress makin', scream dreamin', knife twistin', grave robbin', atom smashin', piss drinkin', riff racin', cave collapsin', penguin pokin, angle grindin', bob sleighin, bomb droppin, dog fightin', human huntin', mind blowin', mutha fuckin', Blackened Thrash Metal.

I'd like to add, it's brain addlin', fighter pilotin', Christ crushin', leather wearin', blood spurtin', crowd surfin', base jumpin', throat rippin', vein strippin', sword swallowin', fire breathin', kid nappin', tank destroyin', earth quakin', face stampin', armour piercin', welly wangin', brain swellin', planet killin', whiskey drinkin', sweat drippin', heart stoppin', body slammin', snake wranglin', moon howlin', mutha fuckin', Blackened Thrash Metal.

In conclusion, it's scorched earthin', nun wastin', skull splittin', bolt throwin', porn watchin', tarmac blazin', ill fatin', light hatin', bar brawlin', bass pumpin', room clearin', bone rattlin', stomach pukin', storm bringin', un zippin', ears ringin', eye poppin', forest loppin', boot stompin', streaked lightnin', entrail mashin', chaos thunderin', bubonic plaguin', land slidin', no hidin', gut wrenchin', blitz kriegin', mutha fuckin', Blackened Thrash Metal.

Get it.


released June 6, 2005

Grrr: Vocals and guitar, Sturt:: Guitar and vocals, Ygg: Drums, AndyHotPants: Bass




Whip Oslo, Norway

Whip was started in Brønnøysund in 1998 by Jonny and Sturt. They recorded two demos and moved to Oslo. From 2005 Whip grew through several member changes into a solid live band. Between 2005 and 2009 the band released a demo, two ep’s and a promo. In 2013 they released their first album, «Digitus Impudicus». They are now about to release their second album, «Contra Mundum». ... more

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Track Name: Face Your Death
Look into the maddened eyes
The froth around your mouth
Stabbing you in hellish rage
Stabbing your fucking skull
Your dead body torn apart
Blood splattering

Face your death

Pissing on your fucking corpse
Hammering your skull
Pulverise the cranium
Face removed

Now you're just a simple corpse
A fucking piece of shit
Carnal remnants
Torn to pieces

Face your death
Track Name: Ripper Territory
Slice into the gut
Removing the kidneys
Removing an ear
Message to the people

Now you're in
Ripper Territory
Harlots and whores
In hysterical agony

Eating the genitals
Gouging out the eyes
Imprinted face of terror
Eat the cuntal flesh

I ripped you
Track Name: Innocence & Fistfucks
Necrolling in a pulling dimension
Life untamed and corpsified
Majestic emptiness filled with the wardrums of doom
The march of a strangled soul

Is deception the new sound to breathe?
The 10th note of a collapsing cacophony

Decrepit gates open at a jungle paradise
Deaf screams the heavenly melody
Shall it cross the envenomed fear
Or embrace the lazy power of creation

Second day of corruption has come
Flash crush smash rush sin it fucking cum

Bloody lined thought has the face of doomsday fear
Godlike to lose, oblivion to conquer
Burned in a cauldron of deceived cells
Smell of victory from the dust of the painful void

Right to start
Need to create
New day of new men has come

Sigh high rise die
Sigh high rise die
Sigh high rise die
Track Name: Godfucking & Wardreams
Burning, consuming
On a ground filled with deadly breaths
Twisting, raping
Raging as hellfire cumshots

Desecrated with a butchery smile
Fucked up and fucking dead you lie

Indiscriminated onslaught
Guided by the strings of the scythe
Buried by a 1,000 passed lives
In dust and grey lines the sun will rise

Godfucking and wardreams

Warlike conspiracy
Fuelled with gasoline by the slaughterghost
Iron pumping veins
Slumbered by the whispered shadow you're lost

Groundbreaking screams the last sign
Skyshaking rain your last sight

Pulling, grinding
Melted with merciless mindsplit
Disturbed, deranged
Homeless germs invading mansight